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Villanova-Providence: What we learned

Villanova Providence Basketball

In what was a game that got all too close all too quickly, Villanova was able to manage to hang on and pick up their fourth straight win.  If you haven’t already, check out the game recap by our assistant sports editor Nate McGann.  He does a really great job of breaking it all down.

From this game, I think we learned a lot about our team:

1)  When we need to, we can score.  This is something we saw against UConn as well.  Villanova is one of those few teams that can win a game by scoring 90 or win a game by scoring 50.  They can easily adapt to many situations.

2)  Corey Fisher has become an excellent defender.  This is something that Coach Wright stressed after the Cincinnati game to reporters.  He did a great job on Levance Fields in the Pitt game and Deonta Vaughn in the Cinn game.  I think every one saw a major difference yesterday in the way we defended after Fisher fouled out.

3)  Dwayne Anderson is crucial to this team’s success.  We ran a stat today on the men’s basketball previews that Villanova is 12-2 in games when Anderson plays at least 30 minutes.  With the game last night, make that 13-2.  He notched a career-high 19 points in the win.  Any game where he plays well, significantly increases the chances of a win for the Wildcats.

4)  Scottie Reynolds can still dominate a game.  While I think it is fair to say Dante Cunningham is the the team’s best player this year, perhaps no one is able to take a game over the way Reynolds can.  When Reynolds is hot, you will know from the opening minutes.  If he could average 20 a game the rest of the way, this is a top 10 team.

5)  We aren’t there…yet.  This team is good, but we can’t put ourselves in the same category as UConn, Louisville, Marquette or even Pittsburgh.  There are still to many negatives.  These include, but are not limited to, allowing 57 points to Providence in the second half, inconsistent production out of the other forward spot and a whole lot of foul trouble.  However, those are far less problems than a lot of other teams and if the ‘Cats knock off Syracuse and Marquette in the next two games, we can start dreaming of what may come in March.

-David Cassilo

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