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Win tomorrow, and we can start dreaming

Marquette Villanova Basketball

With the win over Marquette on Tuesday, I think it became pretty clear to us and the rest of the country that our Villanova Wildcats can now be considered one of the elite teams in not only the conference, but the nation.  However, in order to get that respect the team needs to take care of business tomorrow against West Virginia.

I think we should win this game, with or without Dwayne Anderson.  The Mountaineers’ lack of height means that Dante Cunningham should be able to have another big game.

Looking at their remaining schedule, it’s possible that Villanova will face only one more tournament caliber team (Syracuse) before the Big East Tournament.  Other teams (WV, ND Providence  and G-Town) find themselves on the bubble, and the only other games are against Rutgers and DePaul.

With the chances of finishing Top-10 looking bright, a very important question arises:  How good are we?

I think the answer is better than we realize.

Let’s look at the teams currently in the AP Top-5:

5. Louisville- Lost to them by one.

4. UNC- Possible beat team in country.

3. Pittsburgh- We beat them.

2. Oklahoma- Fantastic team.

1. UConn- Lost by six to them in UConn.

In summary, we lost the No. 1 and No. 5 teams by a combined seven points, and beat the No. 3 team.

Games against UNC and Oklahoma would be very difficult, but those teams are not that much better than any of the other three.  Looking at it that way, we can sit here today and say that Villanova belongs in national title discussions.  They may not be too frequent, but they will grow with each win.

-David Cassilo

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