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Four Seniors, One Goal

Villanova Providence Basketball

Tomorrow is a very special day at the Pavilion as Villanova’s four seniors, Dante Cunningham, Dwayne Anderson, Shane Clark and Frank Tchuisi, will be honored before the game.  

As I mentioned in the basketball preview issue, what is unique about this senior class is that although Villanova is known as such a guard oriented school, it is this class of four forwards that most likely will leave the school with more wins than any other class in Villanova history.

This year’s team was really carried by the forwards instead of the guards.  Cunningham has been the Wildcats’ best player all season long, and the team lives and dies with his performance each night.  Meanwhile, Villanova always seems to do well as long as Anderson plays a significant amount of minutes.  Even with the scoring of Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher, I think it is clear to every one that has watched the team this season that Cunningham and Anderson make up the heart and soul of this team.

The other two seniors, Clark and Tchuisi, have also made an impact this season.  Clark’s has been more prominent as the team has really begun to excel since he became a member of the starting lineup.  Tchuisi has played that role of big man off the bench in games when other players were injured.

All four seniors have pushed the team from day one this year, and as they begin their play in March, they will remind the team that their goal is and always will be a national championship.  Cunningham, Anderson, Clark and Tchuisi have been a part of teams that have made deep runs, but they will not be satisfied with anything less than a trip to Detroit.  That run will make an important stop tomorrow night at the Pavilion.

-David Cassilo

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