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Let’s Get Defensive


As I mentioned yesterday, the only negative from Villanova’s latest run is that their defense has been downright terrible.  Luckily, the offense has performed so well, but when it doesn’t you get a game like the one versus West Virginia.  Things need to change quickly or else this will be their Achilles’ heel come tourney time.

Let’s take a second to look at their defensive stats the last six games:

2/4 @ Providence: 91 points allowed, 39.1 FG % against (27-69), 42.5 3-point % against (17-40)

2/7 vs. Syracuse: 85 points allowed, 38.1 FG % against (24-63), 34.5 3-point % against (10-29)

2/10 vs. Marquette: 84 points allowed, 50.9 FG % against (29-57), 47.8 3-point % against (11-23)

2/13 @ West Virginia: 93 points allowed, 50.0 FG % against (31-62), 36.0 3-point % against (9-25)

2/19 vs. Rutgers: 72 points allowed, 52.1 FG % against (25-48), 45.5 3-point % against (10-22)

2/22 vs. Syracuse: 86 points allowed, 45.7 FG % against (32-70), 30.8 3-point % against (12-39)

Over those games their averages are: 85.2 points allowed, 45.5 FG% against, 38.7 3-point % against

Just looking at those statistics, it is a wonder Villanova is 5-1 over those six games.  With two weeks remaining in the regular season, Villanova now has four games to get their defense ready before the Big East tournament.  A game against DePaul Thursday gives them the perfect opportunity to work on the basics that gave them such a strong defense early in the season.  The big test will be next Monday, when they travel to Notre Dame.  If the defense plays like they did over the last six games, Notre Dame will score at will.

The Wildcats are showing that they have very few flaws as we head towards March, but the one they do have could be their demise in the postseason.

-David Cassilo

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