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Villanova controls own fate

Rutgers Villanova Basketball

Just five days ago, it looked like Villanova had let a major opportunity slip away when it lost to Georgetown.  The loss meant that Villanova now had to hope for two Marquette losses and two victories of its own to avoid playing till Thursday in the Big East Tournament.  Before falling to the Hoyas, Villanova controlled its own fate.

Now as they head into their game Thursday against Providence, the Wildcats once again have that control.  The loss by Marquette to Pittsburgh tonight means it is very simple for Villanova.  If it beats Providence tomorrow night, it will lock up the four seed and not have to play till Thursday in the Big East Tournament.

Having that extra day off is invaluable for two reasons.  The first is that the most games Villanova would need to play next week is three.  Second is that this conference is so deep that it does not matter where each team is seeded, on any given night any team can beat any team.  Villanova beat DePaul by two, beat Seton Hall in overtime, lost to Georgetown and struggled against Rutgers and USF.  For a team that often plays to the level of its opponent, one less game is a luxury.

If the Wildcats do lose to Providence, they would then have to hope that Syracuse could upset Marquette on Saturday.  Although Marquette is really struggling, it would seem to be a difficult task for Syracuse to beat the Golden Eagles on a Senior Day that will honor perhaps the greatest senior class in Marquette history.

However, Villanova will not have to worry about any scenario like that if it just simply beats Providence tomorrow.   A team that will go deep in March wins games like these, so tomorrow we will find out what kind of team Villanova is.

-David Cassilo

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