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How to Lose a Bye in 8 Days

Connecticut Marquette Basketball

With a week between games, we will have a lot of time to discuss how Villanova got to where they are and what is coming up in its future.  Let’s start by taking a look at how Marquette lost the double-bye and allowed Villanova to grab it in a little over a week.

There were several key dates that led to this reversal of fortunes:

Jan. 28-  Villanova beats Pittsburgh 67-57.  It wasn’t apparent at the time, but the win would prove to be the tiebreaker between Villanova and Marquette for the fourth seed in the Big East Tournament.  Marquette failed to beat a team that was better than Pittsburgh in the Big East, and a result Villanova won the tiebreaker.

Feb. 25-  UConn beats Marquette 93-82.  The game would be the first loss in Marquette’s current three game losing streak.  The loss had much bigger ramifications as Marquette also lost their point guard Dominic James for the season with a foot injury.  Since then, their offense has not looked the same.

Mar. 1-  Louisville beats Marquette 62-58.  The Golden Eagles played well enough to win, but an off night from their star player Jerel McNeal prevented them from knocking off the Cardinals.

Mar. 2–  Villanova beats Notre Dame 77-60.  After losing at home to Georgetown, Villanova had the tough task of needing to go in to South Bend and win in order to keep their dreams alive for the double-bye.  The first half was back and forth the whole way, but eventually Villanova pulled away behind their strong defense and a great performance by Scottie Reynolds.

Mar. 4-  Pittsburgh beats Marquette 90-75.  The third straight loss meant that Marquette no longer had any chances to gain a win as good as on Villanova had.  It also meant that the Golden Eagles would have to rely on help from other teams to avoid playing until Thursday.

Mar. 5-  Villanova beats Providence 97-80.  With a win Villanova could lock up the four seed, and with one of their better all-around games of the season, they did just that.  

Villanova got a lot of help from Marquette, and even though things looked bleak after the Georgetown loss, the Wildcats were still able to get the job done.  This may not be the last team these two teams are mentioned together, as they may have to face each other in the Big East quarterfinals.

-David Cassilo

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