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Big East Tournament Field Set

After a jam packed slate of games on the final day of the regular season, the Big East Tournament field is finally set.  With all the byes, it is really hard to write out, but I’ll do my best to make it clear.

12 PM Tuesday: 9. Cincinnati vs. 16. DePaul

12 PM Wednesday: 8. Providence vs UC/DPU

12 PM Thursday: 1. Louisville vs PC/UC/DPU


2 PM Tuesday: 12. Georgetown vs. 13. St. John’s

2 PM Wednesday: 5. Marquette vs. GTOWN/STJ

2 PM Thursday: 4. Villanova vs. MARQ/GTOWN/STJ


7 PM Tuesday: 10. Notre Dame vs. 15. Rutgers

7 PM Wednesday: 7. West Virginia vs. ND/RU

7 PM Thursday: 2. Pittsburgh vs. WV/ND/RU


9 PM Tuesday: 11. Seton Hall vs. 14. USF

9 PM Wednesday: 6. Syracuse vs. SHU/USF

9 PM Thursday: 3. UConn vs. SYR/SHU/USF


If all goes according to plan, the potential semifinal matchups are:

Louivsille vs. Villanova

Pittsburgh vs. UConn

I’ll break down what the seeding means for Villanova in the coming days.

-David Cassilo

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