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What to expect on Selection Sunday

BEast Marquette Villanova Basketball

With all the hoopla Selection Sunday gets, it really only determines five things for each school.  Are they in?  What seed are they?  Where will they play?  What region are they in?  Who are they playing?  Of course, these are all major questions come March.  Let’s take a look at what the answers to these questions will be for Villanova.

Are They in?  Yes.  Let’s go to more important questions.

What seed are they?  It looks pretty clear that Villanova will be a three seed in the NCAA Tournament.  There is no way there will be above this as there are at least eight teams with better resumes.  It may be almost as unlikely that Villanova will be below a three seed.  Right now, I would expect Villanova, Missouri, Kansas and Wake Forest to be the three seeds.  There is a chance that Florida State could move into that grouping with a win over Duke, but it would appear more likely that Wake Forest would drop since they did not win a game in the ACC Tournament.

Where will they play?  From what I have heard from several members of the media at the Big East Tournament, it is almost a certainty that Villanova will play in Philadelphia.  The win against Marquette coupled with the Wake Forest loss to Maryland most likely wrapped this up.  On the off chance this does not happen, Miami would be the next most likely destination.  Anything else would be a true shock.

What region are they in?  It is safe to assume that at least two and possibly three Big East teams will be one seeds.  Being the most likely fourth team selected from the Big East means that Villanova will not be placed in a region with Louisville, Pittsburgh and UConn.  With UNC the only other apparent lock for a one seed, it would make sense that Villanova would be in their region since the other three Big East schools will not be there.  This would place them in either the East or the South region, depending on where the committee places the Tar Heels.  If Duke wins the ACC and receives a one seed, Villanova may be placed in Duke’s region, which would be the West.

Who will they play?  As a three seed, Villanova would play a mid-major in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  It would be the mediocre grouping of mid-majors, rather than teams like Siena or VCU.  Expect them to face a team like Robert Morris, Akron, Binghamton or North Dakota State.

-David Cassilo

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